A pebble in the shoe can hobble a monster.  This blog is all about the power of little things to change or effect big things.  In fact, most “big” events are made up of a myriad of little acts.  The powers-that-be would like us to think that the we are helpless against their claim of absolute power. But take a look at the way the world works and you see that power is not, and has never been, absolute.   We are not helpless, we have never been helpless.  We all have some kind of power within ourselves and it is up to each and everyone of us to find our own abilities and use them to affect the world.

The Indivisible movement arose, in part, because people of the Progressive persuasion found  themselves without much power to affect the way the country is being governed.  The Indivisible Guide is all about doing little things, (like making a phone call to MoC or going to a protest march) to cause change.  The Resistance is a practical test of  that part of Chaos Theory known as The Butterfly Effect. According to the theory, something as small as the flapping of a butterfly’s wing on one side of the planet , can eventually cause a tornado on the other side of the planet.  This may sound outlandish, but this is often how the world works.

You don’t need the scientific theory of Chaos to see that little things are just as important as “big” things. Every small act, every pebble, has meaning–if you give it meaning.

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