Are you a truth teller?

I have an idea how we can combat climate change dis-information.

Climate Change Deniers have tried to block information from the public and with the current administration they have had some success.  They have put muzzles on government agencies that investigate conduct detrimental to the environment.   Unfortunately for us, we don’t need to rely on studies and future projections any more because we can see the effects of climate change  around us.  Chicago had NO SNOW for all of January  and February of 2017.  Denver, CO had 80 degree days in November of 2016.  There are a lot of other examples out there.  I bet there are some in your home town.

The truth is climate change is happening all around us, right here, right now.  And people in power will not even speak of it.

Well, we will.

We will not let them sit in their ivory towers and close their eyes and ears to the truth. If no one on their staffs will tell them, then WE will have to tell them.

Here is what you can do:

Send  postcards to your MoC and State government telling them about the climate change you are seeing in your town.

Send postcards to the executives at oil and chemical companies and tell them about the climate change happening in your community, State or region.

Send postcards quoting scientific reports. Be sure to name the report and the scientist you are quoting.  We as truth tellers have a responsibility to make sure everything we say is verifiable.

If you really want to make a statement, get a copy of your favorite scientific report and send it the Denier, signature required.

Yes, this will require a lot of paper and that in itself is not good for the environment. But the cost is negligible when you think about what is at stake.

Alternatively, you can email or call (and recite the report them on the phone), the point is that the truth be told.

My mother always use to say “the truth will out!” So dig up your fact and figures and get the truth out.

BTW, it is always good to let the local press know what you are doing.

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