Out of Time

Life and art.   I was given some sunflower seeds this spring and decided to plant them in flower pots and placed them on my deck.  And watch them grow.

I decided  to do a piece about sunflowers.  This is not the first piece I’ve done on sunflowers.  But since I had them growing right outside, it would be interesting to do a piece which captures sunflowers in different stages of growth.

I wanted to do images  from seedling, to full bloomed, to over bloomed, to dying and create a piece that would show all these aspects at the same time.  To do this I painted small paintings on unstretched canvas, mounted them on chip board,  then arranged them on stretched  canvas. Not all of the small paintings are aspects of sunflowers, some some are abstracts that suggest cityscapes.  This is probably because I live in a city and the concrete chaos is a common backdrop for sunflowers.

The paint splatters were the hardest part of the piece.  I just had to let go and let the paint fall as it would, knowing that it could as easily ruin the piece as pull it together.

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